Rubber Mixing Mill
Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Bag-O-Matic Press
Power Press
Calender Machine
Spare Parts
We have modern machinery and equipments to ensure and maintain quality at all steps. We have latest quality testing machine and control method and highly motivated technicians, professionals, skilled and well trained work force to continuous improvement in quality. The company has the ability to supply multi products orders within delivery schedule to markets around the globe.

» Quality Assurance
We utilized automated machinery and equipments to maintain the highest standards of uniform quality. Expert technicians monitor the production process to ensure high quality. We take full care at every step from raw material to the end product to check the quality. We purchase raw material in bulk from reputed sources so as to ensure high quality standards and avoid rejections. In a nut shell we assure to maintain quality at every step We break the conventions and tie our selves up with innovations and new techniques

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